Eleiko new NxG Barbell lineup- complete review and comparison

Eleiko recently launched their new NxG Barbells.  Word on the street is these new bars are significantly improved and a massive update to their iconic weightlifting barbells.  Is this fact or marketing fiction?  Are there distinctive upgrades to justify the hype?  We spoke to Rickard Blomberg, one of the owners at Eleiko to get the […]

Asics 727 Tiger

Why try to reinvent the wheel when it works perfectly? Exactly. The Asics 727 Tiger weightlifting shoe has been, in every way, unchanged for over 30 years.  Literally.  The first generation were fabricated back when all shoe makers used leather, wood, and quality workmanship to assemble weightlifting shoes.  In typical Japanese fashion they engineered a […]

’13 Pendlay NB Olympic Bar

Looking for a Olympic Weightlifting bar, and not interested on dumping $900+ for a top of the line barbell? Look no further.  This bar is half the price, but not half the value. Because we are bar snobs and prefer lifting on top-of-the-line competition barbells, we weren’t expecting much from the Pendlay NB Barbell.  We […]