’13 Pendlay NB Olympic Bar

Looking for a Olympic Weightlifting bar, and not interested on dumping $900+ for a top of the line barbell? Look no further.  This bar is half the price, but not half the value. Because we are bar snobs and prefer lifting on top-of-the-line competition barbells, we weren’t expecting much from the Pendlay NB Barbell.  We […]

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Eleiko Training Barbell

You’ve narrowed your choice of buying a new barbell down to Eleiko, but can’t decide between the Competition Bar or the Training Bar.  It’s all in the details. Eleiko lists the dimensions at Weight 20 kg;  Length 2200 mm;  Grip 28 mm;  Sleeves 50 mm.  Our testers double checked those and found  some discrepancies.  First, […]

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Eleiko Competition Barbell

The lack of a central location to compare, feel, and tryout a variety of weightlifting bars has frustrated many a weightlifter. Just picking one brand can lead to buyer’s remorse, wondering if you made the right decision only to later find out that you prefer lifting with a different brand’s barbell.  The Eleiko Competition Bar […]

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