’14 Eleiko Sport Training Discs

Eleiko has one of the best names in the industry for good reason: they make high-quality weightlifting equipment! Eleiko barbells are synonymous with excellence, and these discs live up to that reputation. Weightlifting Discs, commonly referred to as bumpers or bumper plates, are designed specifically for the sport of weightlifting. During training and competitions, bumpers […]

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Eleiko Training Barbell

You’ve narrowed your choice of buying a new barbell down to Eleiko, but can’t decide between the Competition Bar or the Training Bar.  It’s all in the details. Eleiko lists the dimensions at Weight 20 kg;  Length 2200 mm;  Grip 28 mm;  Sleeves 50 mm.  Our testers double checked those and found  some discrepancies.  First, […]

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Eleiko Competition Barbell

The lack of a central location to compare, feel, and tryout a variety of weightlifting bars has frustrated many a weightlifter. Just picking one brand can lead to buyer’s remorse, wondering if you made the right decision only to later find out that you prefer lifting with a different brand’s barbell.  The Eleiko Competition Bar […]

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