About Coach

John Broz was introduced to weight training at age 10. Initially self-taught, he joined a gym after reaching a 300-pound bench press. Under the mentorship of Hall-of-Fame Coach John W. Schubert, renowned for training 2-time Olympic champion Chuck Vinci, Broz learned the Olympic lifts and achieved a flawless performance at the Ohio State Games.

Seeking to expand his training, Broz immersed himself in Powerlifting at the legendary Black’s Health World. Utilizing the teachings of John Black, Jr. (official WR squat 821@198) and his coach, Vince Anello (5-time world champion, first to Deadlift 800 under 200 bodyweight – 816@198), Broz not only achieved incredible strength gains but also cultivated a new perspective on human potential.

In his quest for new exercise methodologies, Broz shifted his focus to bodybuilding, honing his skills at 8-time Mr. Olympia, Lee Haney’s Animal Kingdom. After achieving success in numerous physique competitions, Broz returned to his roots in strength training, refocusing on Olympic Weightlifting.

Antonio Krastev, the great Bulgarian weightlifter, who achieved three World Champion titles and multiple World Records, played various roles in Broz’s life as his roommate, coach, and friend. Krastev exerted a profound influence on Broz’s training; guiding him through numerous national competitions and imparting invaluable insights into the intricacies of Weightlifting technique, particularly in the Snatch.

Broz was determined to master weightlifting and considered the Bulgarian method supreme, so he sought out Antonio’s former teammates who excelled in the Clean and Jerk. Broz then trained under World Champions and World Record holders such as Asen Zlatev, Alexander Varbanov, Zlatan Vanev, Ivan Ivanov, and Stefan Topurov – the first to complete a Clean and Jerk three times his bodyweight.

Going undefeated as a master athlete, including national and world records and titles, Broz transitioned into coaching. Understanding the importance of nutrition, weightlifting coach Broz and health guru Charles Poliquin became great friends. Broz taught weightlifting and strength seminars at Poliquin Summits and Camps while learning about supplements from Charles.

Broz stands at the apex of coaching in US Weightlifting, having earned the esteemed Senior International certification. His leadership has guided multiple international teams to triumph under his helm. With a diverse range of experience, Broz has imparted his knowledge to individuals spanning from the tender age of six to elite Olympic athletes. His coaching legacy includes the remarkable achievement of coaching the sole American athlete in history to successfully snatch over 200kg.

During his coaching journey, Broz has left an indelible mark across generations, from nurturing the youthful promise of the Youth and School-Age categories to honing the skills of seasoned champions at the Senior and Master levels. Among the accolades of his proteges lie titles of national and world champions, alongside revered records that stand as testaments to his coaching prowess.

Broz is a globally recognized gym owner, lecturer, and traveler who has assisted thousands of athletes and coaches worldwide in enhancing their abilities. He is widely known for pioneering the concept of “Squatting Everyday” in the 1990s and for his exceptional talent in helping athletes achieve incredible strength and technical improvements within a short period. Broz has trained a myriad of phenomenal squatters and incredibly powerful individuals.