Personal Coaching and Programming

Thank you in advance for considering and trusting Coach Broz to help you reach your goals, and quite possibly beyond. He understands the huge risk in choosing the wrong coach, along with the irreplaceable time and effort that goes unrewarded. Unfortunately, he has witnessed this situation countless times throughout his career, where athletes could have reached great heights but were held back by inadequate coaching and poor life advice.

John Broz is an ever-evolving athlete turned coach, always inspiring others to reach new heights they never thought possible. 

Irrespective of one’s current level, with Broz’s guidance and one’s own dedication, everyone can break their limits and achieve their true potential.

For more information on Coach Broz, you can view his bio Here.

Coach Broz is modernizing his online coaching website,, which will soon merge with this site and include all levels of programming, from basic to custom. The new site will maintain all current elements of, plus many modern new features that will be very mobile-friendly.

Until the update is complete, he is offering two additional strategies to help people:

Bespoke Program:

You download a questionnaire, complete it, and email it to Coach Broz reviews every submission personally and will contact you if he has questions. A high-caliber, effective program is his number one priority.

The individual programs, written in 8-week blocks, are custom-made based on your needs and wants. Coach Broz considers all aspects of your answers to provide a complete and comprehensive program for your success. 

During your program duration, you can contact the coach via our general email to ask text questions or send a video for feedback. With a bespoke program, communication is allowed 1x per week. All emails are handled first in, first out. 

After you complete each 8-week block, you forward the final week’s results so Coach Broz can use that data to make your next program. During the review, he might contact you if additional information is required to get you the most promising results.

Bespoke programming has a 16-week initial commitment, with subsequent renewals of 8 weeks.

Download your questionnaire to get started.

One-on-One Coaching and Programming: 

You download a questionnaire, complete it, and email it to After Coach Broz reviews your answers, he will personally reach out to welcome you and discuss your answers. When your program is complete, he will send it, along with your unique email to respond directly to him. A Zoom meeting follows to discuss the program, ensuring you are crystal-clear on everything.

Throughout the coaching process, specific videos and supplemental info, requested by Coach Broz, will be required to make your training as effective as possible. Coach inquiries and bilateral communication are the mainstay of your relationship, as they are essential to get the maximum results possible. Coach Broz’s goal of One-on-One coaching is to give you the same guidance, help, and results as if you were in person with him at ABG.

Along with personal coaching, your detailed, clear, and precise program will take into consideration the following:

  • Your current height, weight, and relevant stats.
  • Your fitness goals and the deadline to achieve them.
  • The days of the week you are available to train.
  • The time of day you prefer to train.
  • The equipment you have access to.
  • The sport, if any, you participate in.
  • Any previous injuries and prevention measures taken.
  • Your limitations and weaknesses.
  • Along with individual items not listed, based solely on your situation.

One-on-One coaching programs are in 4-week segments. Before each new program, there will be a discussion via Zoom to examine your progress, challenges, and concerns over the previous four weeks.  

During each four-week block, if you have any questions or concerns, you can send daily videos or text via your unique email, and Coach Broz will quickly respond during business hours. Text messaging could be available in some situations for immediate feedback. 

One-on-One Coaching and Programming has a 12-week initial commitment, due to the time and effort that goes into developing a program specifically for you. Subsequent renewals cover an 8-week term.

Although Coach Broz loves to help people, he plans to offer One-on-One coaching to a restricted number of clients due to the time-intensive nature of the service. 

Download your questionnaire to get started.

If you have specific questions regarding coaching, please reach Coach Broz at

Thank you.