Eleiko Competition Bar

2011 Eleiko  Competition Barbell – Mens

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The lack of a central location to compare, feel, and tryout a variety of weightlifting bars has frustrated many a weightlifter. Just picking one brand can lead to buyer’s remorse, wondering if you made the right decision only to later find out that you prefer lifting with a different brand’s barbell.  The Eleiko Competition Bar will never leave you feeling that way.

We verified the accuracy of the dimensions listed on the manufacturer website, and found that the dimensions fall within the IWF (International Weightlifting Federation) guidelines for certified international, competition-caliber barbells.  Eleiko manufactures its Men’s Competition Barbell needle bearings within the sleeves instead of bushings used on competitors’ lower priced bars. The company utilizes “special Swedish steel,” which prevents the bar from remaining bent after a heavy load.  They quality test each bar with over 1000kg, and the barbell must return to its original shape without any distortion whatsoever or it is rejected.

This bar sparkles with a beautiful, shiny finish, and the chrome plating is excellent.   The overall quality, finish, attention to detail and looks truly live up to the company’s reputation of producing the finest lifting bars in the world.   The knurling is very sharp which might feel slightly uncomfortable on a novice’s hands, but it provides a fantastic grip to experienced lifters trying to pull under a big weight.  In comparison to other bars, this grip excels against any competitor’s weightlifting competition bar.  When compared to normal gym bars or the Eleiko Powerlifting Bar, the grip seems a bit mild and comfortable.   Typically on Olympic bars, the center knurling is more subdued than the rest, and Eleiko’s bar is no exception.  The mild center will not shred your neck, but it’s rough enough to not slip during a Clean or Squat.

Many lifters gauge the quality of a bar by its spin. We have tested over 40 bars for spin, and the Eleiko Competition Bar spins the most freely.  Simply put, it had more revolutions with identical force than any other tested.  When lifting with this bar, the spin feels nearly perfect.  It turns over nearly effortlessly in both a Snatch and Clean, but not so easily or carefree that the Discs continue to rotate unnecessarily.   Too sloppy of a spin can cause undue stress on the elbows in the Snatch, which has been an issue in the past for other bars.  This bar offers the perfect combination of spin with control.

The steel that a bar is made from is very important, not only because of its ability to return back to original shape, but also for the “feel” of it while lifting.  This bar possesses the most oscillation of all the bars we tested; however, unless you load in excess of 170kg you will never notice this feature.  For high-level lifters, “bar whip” or oscillation is very important to not only understand, but to utilize.  This bar is very predictable in its response, and once again shows why it’s regarded as a world leader.

Eleiko stands behind their bars like no company I have ever seen.  They have gone to great lengths to protect their name and quality, and, they offer a lifetime warranty.

The Eleiko Competition Bar is as close to perfect as you can get; however, for a $1000+ barbell, it should be.   If you want the best, look no further.  Any lifter aspiring to world-class competition should train with this barbell.  If your goals and budget are slightly lower, then check out the Eleiko Training Barbell, the Werksan, or the others we’ve reviewed.  Until another manufacturer reinvents the wheel, then this barbell will continue to set the benchmark by which all other barbells are judged.





Weight: 20kg             Length: 2200mm            Grip: 28mm

Sleeves: 50mm         Finish: Nickel plated       IWF certified: Yes

Manufactured Location: Sweden

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4 Comments on “Eleiko Competition Bar

    • i own a training screw sleeves(old russian style) dhs… “hercules” product in 1998. it had give great satisfaction 16 years…(i have My Eleiko compet bar since 2015).DHS is very whyppy like Zhangkong or Eleiko.. ..spin is amazing and mine wzs perfect spining since 1998 to 2014.. (brutally bearing total destroyed in juste one sleeve after 15 years and lot of very heavy slatch And CJ droped) knurling is velvet like silk with good grip….but 1 serious default..(in more of crew collars with no durability because new dhs no exist un this configuration) finition soft nickel on copper steel plated is true shit….i hope news dhs have trye hard chrome..

  1. Hello john. I just bought an eleiko competition bar but it doesn’t spin that freely. Just wondering if you have experienced this with brand new bars or if it takes time for the bars to “break in” thanks

    • If it spun well and now does not, its probably broken. If it never spun well out of the tube then it will need to be broken in. A lubricant can be added to make it spin easier.

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