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2011 LVHS PC 403

The Las Vegas High School Power Clean Championship is held at Las Vegas High School and has been every year since 2004.  The former football head coach thought it would be a good way to motivate his football players to excel in the power clean by competing against the entire school and each other.  As the competition grew other schools were invited to participate. Every year since its inception, Las Vegas High School has won the team trophy until 2013!  For the first time they were defeated.  This is a testament that his efforts succeeded.  Now almost every High School in the Las Vegas valley has some kind of Weightlifting program which enables students to do power cleans.

Unlike both the Las Vegas Open and the National High School Power Clean Meet, this one uses 11 weight categories. They were originally based on the 10 classes that were formally used by the IWF, then converted to pounds.  Then they decided to add another class between the former 67.5 and 75 kg class with one that’s about 71 kg, due to the number of high school students that were around that size.

The classes are:

[114.5]  [123.5]  [132.5]  [148.5]  [156.5]  [165.5]  [181.5]  [198.5]  [220.5]  [242.5]  [242.5+]  pounds

This meet always has a tremendous turnout with lots of energy because of its long history, but mostly because each year there are multiple record attempts and great team spirit.  Each year the meet director gives out T-Shirts to all competitors. On the back, immortalized are the weight class record holders.

Past Results and Pictures

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2013 LVHS PC Championships