Eleiko new NxG Barbell

Eleiko recently launched their new NxG Barbells.  Word on the street is these new bars are significantly improved and a massive update to their iconic weightlifting barbells.  Is this fact or marketing fiction?  Are there distinctive upgrades to justify the hype?  We spoke to Rickard Blomberg, one of the owners at Eleiko to get the […]

Asics TOW 727 Tiger

Why try to reinvent the wheel when it works perfectly? Exactly. The Asics 727 Tiger weightlifting shoe has been, in every way, unchanged for over 30 years.  Literally.  The first generation were fabricated back when all shoe makers used leather, wood, and quality workmanship to assemble weightlifting shoes.  In typical Japanese fashion they engineered a […]

’14 Adidas Adipower

Adidas has finally, for the first time, changed the colors of its flagship shoe mid way through the Olympic Quadrennial.  Color and style changes historically have been reserved for the newest model released each Summer Olympic year, but it appears Adidas has stopped resting on its laurels and succumbed to the pressure by the onslaught […]

Hookgrip Thumb Tape Tested

Tape plays a crucial role in the sport of Weightlifting: It is used as a bandage for cuts on hands, neck or shins to allow the lifter to continue to train or compete. Tape is also used around wrists and ankles for support, or below the kneecap for patellar relief.  This product review is focused […]

’14 Eleiko Sport Discs

Eleiko has one of the best names in the industry for good reason: they make high-quality weightlifting equipment! Eleiko barbells are synonymous with excellence, and these discs live up to that reputation. Weightlifting Discs, commonly referred to as bumpers or bumper plates, are designed specifically for the sport of weightlifting. During training and competitions, bumpers […]

’13 Pendlay NB Bar

Looking for a Olympic Weightlifting bar, and not interested on dumping $900+ for a top of the line barbell? Look no further.  This bar is half the price, but not half the value. Because we are bar snobs and prefer lifting on top-of-the-line competition barbells, we weren’t expecting much from the Pendlay NB Barbell.  We […]

Inov-8 FastLift 335 / 315


Eleiko Training Barbell

You’ve narrowed your choice of buying a new barbell down to Eleiko, but can’t decide between the Competition Bar or the Training Bar.  It’s all in the details. Eleiko lists the dimensions at Weight 20 kg;  Length 2200 mm;  Grip 28 mm;  Sleeves 50 mm.  Our testers double checked those and found  some discrepancies.  First, […]

2012 Adidas Adipower

    The 2012 Adidas Adipower is Adidas’ newest flagship Weightlifting shoe.  It replaces the 2008 Adistar and marks the end of an era.  This model is a drastic change for Adidas. This shoe first started to appear mid-2011 at trade shows.  It donned black accents with a striking reddish-orange main color and looked amazing.  […]

Reebok CrossFit Lifter


Nike Romaleos 2


Eleiko Competition Bar

The lack of a central location to compare, feel, and tryout a variety of weightlifting bars has frustrated many a weightlifter. Just picking one brand can lead to buyer’s remorse, wondering if you made the right decision only to later find out that you prefer lifting with a different brand’s barbell.  The Eleiko Competition Bar […]

Adidas PowerPerfect 2


2008 Adidas Adistar

2008 Adidas Adistar  Retail – $199 As expected, Adidas updated their top-of-the-line shoe just before the Beijing Olympics.  Gone is the 2004 Adistar.  Hello 2008 Adistar! When first seeing the shoe, my initial reaction was that it’s very clean and timeless.   With a mesmerizing polished wood heel, striking white glossy leather, and an almost […]

’04 Adistar – Long Term

 2004 Adidas Adistar – Long term update New in 2004 – $189 The Adistars were stellar!  No shoe lasts forever unfortunately, but when they are as extraordinary as these, you really want them to. For the first few years with daily use, there were no issues.  After a few years passed, small flaws began to creep […]

2004 Adidas Adistar

2004 Adidas Adistar Retail- $189 Every 4 years Adidas makes significant changes to their flagship Weightlifting shoe, just in time for the Summer Olympics. The 2004 Adistars were a major leap forward from the 2000 Adidas Equipment.  The new model was significantly lighter, softer, more flexible and stable.   The major part was constructed of […]