Krastev – A 30 Year Prediction

My last weightlifting coach, Antonio Krastev, was a Jr. World Champion, Sr. World Champion, and a world record holder from Bulgaria. His 200 kg snatch at the 1982 World Championships was the first 200 ever made at a world championship and earned him the gold medal over reigning world champion, Anatoly Piseranko. Krastev’s famous world […]

Hold the Bar – What happens at the Olympics…

While living in Las Vegas I got pummeled with advertisements, but the most annoying was the city’s tourism motto “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” I became extremely annoyed hearing that lie over and over again. Go dump all your money on a craps game, reel home broke, and try explaining that stupid slogan […]

Adaptation: Incredible Cliff Young

The Legend of Cliff Young:61-year-old farmer who won the world’s toughest race!   Share:TwitterFacebookEmail